Success starts in the kitchen

What is a kitchen clean-out?


Remember that old saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’, well it’s kinda true.  Your overall health success starts and ends in the kitchen. We can have the best intentions going into a new challenge or lifestyle change, only to find that those cookies we moved to the top shelf are calling our name after a few weeks.


Not only that but food producers are super sneaky! They will do anything they can to hide the ingredients we can’t pronounce by making their labels flashy with marketing terms that catch the consumer’s eye. Think things like ‘Fat-Free’, ‘Low Cholesterol’, ‘5g of Fiber’, and the list goes on. Just because the label says these things doesn’t mean it’s healthy and second, usually means there are other filler ingredients hiding.


What we can do together.


As a nutrition coach, my goal with your kitchen cleanout is to understand your goals and then take a hard look at what’s in your cupboards, pantry, refrigerator, and freezer.  What’s in there that is sneakily, or not so sneakily, sabotaging your goals. We’ll remove these foods and I’ll prepare a list of foods to keep stocked in your kitchen to help you achieve your health goals.


Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to not waste your food. We can look to local food banks or even friends or family that aren’t looking to make a healthy switch yet.  However, there are some foods I will recommend throwing away because they’re not good for anyone!


Click below to find out more and schedule your kitchen cleanout today! Note this is for local, Long Island/NYC/NJ/NY people only.